Take the kids zip lining in the Woods

We recently went up to Lake George, new york to get a little family fun in. We stopped by Extreme Adventures in Bolton Landing New York and tried out the kid’s ziplining course. The place was beautiful, tree-lined and the staff was hyper-focused on safety. My nine year old daughter wasnt tall enough to go on an adult course and could only go on the kids course. The problem was since It was just the two of us, I had to forgo my own zipping and hung out to watch her sail across the treetops.

So tip to parents of little kids, make sure you work out ahead of time who will go on the adult course and who will stay with the little ones. But it was a great way to get some fresh air and give ourselves a chance to unplug our kids from their electronics and get them in the woods.

Check out Extreme Adventures in the Lake George, NY area

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