An Adventure for the Brain. Visit the Birth Place of the World Wide Web at CERN

Not every adventure has to be high octane physical exertion. Here’s one for the brain. If you’re heading off to the Alps for some family fun on the slopes, and come in via Geneva, Switzerland, make a pit stop to CERN, to see where the world wide web was born. CERN Geneva SwitzerlandThere’s an interactive exhibit that talks about the big ticket item under ground, the Hadron Collider, which is helping to research how life began (as in Big Bang theory). Of course, my favorite part was seeing the original NeXT computer built by Steve Jobs during his temporary ousting from Apple. Tim Berners-Lee put up this little pet project called the world wide web on it. My favorite part was “Do Not Power Down” written in sharpie on a very ordinary looking computer tower. I didn’t know if I should say a prayer to it or something. But if you have a burgeoning Bill Gates in your midst, wow him or her with your unbelievable coolness. Keep in mind to score a tour of the actual collider plan a few months ahead.  Visit CERN CERN Universe of Particles Exhibit Next computer that housed world wide web CERN

Temporary Tattoo that Will Keep your Kids Safe

When I worked for Disney someone sent me these to try out on my daughter. She was about three. They were fantastic. It’s a little tattoo with a pen and you write in a phone number. So it’s like adding a little “if lost please return to” tag like you put in your wallet or book. Now you can do it for your kid. Brilliant. And they’re fun. Only problem is if you lose the pen. Check it out.  Here’s the website.

child safety tattoo

Who Am I? I am an Adventure Parent!

Processed with VSCOcam with g3 preset Hi, so this is me. I used to be an adventurous person. I’ve mountain biked in Tsali, NC, Iron Mountain, WV, Moab, Ut, spent a lot of time on local trails in New York State. I have kayaked on the Saugenay Fjord and even wrote about it for Canoe and Kayak magazine. I’ve skied in the Swiss and French Alps, Canada, Colorado, Utah and more. I’ve hiked to the top of Angel’s Landing in Zion National Park, hiked in the Pisgah, Nantahala, and Redwoods Regions, been scuba diving in Mexico and the Keys, and snorkled and hiked in the reefs and jungles of Belize.

I played Women’s Rugby in England and the US.  I’ve been dogsledding in Quebec. I’ve toured all the major castles in Wales, traveled all over France, England, Ireland and Scotland. I’ve donned a survival suit and zipped around in Zodiacs on the St. Lawrence just to get up close and personal with Blue Whales. And don’t think I just like sports.  I trekked to Trinity College Dublin just to see the Book of Kells, I climbed every duomo I could climb in Italy, I’ve laid on the floor of the Sistine Chapel and looked up, I’ve visited Juliet’s balcony and had pints at the Dirty Duck in Stratford upon Avon, the big man’s home town (twice), I’ve visited the classrooms of the Jason Project in Belize and am a frequent visitor to the Museum of Natural History in New York City. Oddly, I was obsessed with Ancient Egyptian and Greek mythology, yet I haven’t been to those places, but they are on my bucket list.

Then I had my first child. I had planned on doing all the kinds of things I had done before, with her. But the reality of taking a wee little thing on these crazy adventures scared me a little. Other things in life happened. I gained a little weight, my marriage wasn’t so hot, and the result was me putting my adventurous side  in a deep freeze. But then one day I got sick of it. I missed the old me and snapped out of whatever funk I had been in. I dusted off my bike, and when my husband at the time refused to get off the couch, I went biking on my own. And I starting doing a lot more of it, getting the old me back every step of the way.  The same went for skiing.

So I started to introduce adventure back into my life and this time I’m bringing my daughter along with me. I took her whitewater rafting. I taught her how to ski. I taught her how to ride a bike, rollerblade, and kayak. We even took kickboxing together. Now I’m an adventurous parent again. And I want to squeeze every inch of the health and vitality I have left in me before it’s gone.

I also want to teach my daughter that this is how it’s done. I like to go with people on my adventures but when I can’t find anyone, I just go it alone. And most importantly, I let my daughter know it’s perfectly normal for a girl to want to do all these things. I have wanted to start this website for a long time because I often found it hard to find good stuff to do for parents who wanted to do a little bit more than gymboree or the local swimming pool with their kids. Now my daughter’s nine years old and we’ve had a great adventure so far and more to go.

I’m divorced now, and recently moved to the Upper East Side of New York City, where that’s an adventure in itself. I’d love to hear your ideas for adventure and what kind of articles you’d like to read more about. Look for anything adventure-related, whether it be mind, body or both. Life is an adventure, so don’t be afraid to get out there and set an example for your kids. Life is what you make of it. 2014-07-07 18.01.41And here’s me with my favorite adventure buddy. I learn from her every day and hope she looks back on all the fun we’ve had and pay it forward. This was taken on her first day of Sports camp at Chelsea Piers.

Just because you had kids doesn’t mean you have to stop being adventurous

So you were active in your twenties, hiking, biking, camping, traveling. You did it all. Now you have kids and suddenly everyone’s looking at you weird because you want to keep that active lifestyle. They tell you you need to slow down. BullS%%. You just need to learn how to augment your lifestyle so that you can bring kids in tow (without getting them killed). And everything doesn’t have to be extreme. Adventure is an adventure and face it, kids are so new to this world that anything they do is an adventure. So welcome to my long overdue site. I hope you’ll find some tips, ideas, gear recommendations and more.  Life is short, and kids only still little for even shorter, so let’s enjoy the ride together. –Chris

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