An Adventure for the Brain. Visit the Birth Place of the World Wide Web at CERN

Not every adventure has to be high octane physical exertion. Here’s one for the brain. If you’re heading off to the Alps for some family fun on the slopes, and come in via Geneva, Switzerland, make a pit stop to CERN, to see where the world wide web was born. CERN Geneva SwitzerlandThere’s an interactive exhibit that talks about the big ticket item under ground, the Hadron Collider, which is helping to research how life began (as in Big Bang theory). Of course, my favorite part was seeing the original NeXT computer built by Steve Jobs during his temporary ousting from Apple. Tim Berners-Lee put up this little pet project called the world wide web on it. My favorite part was “Do Not Power Down” written in sharpie on a very ordinary looking computer tower. I didn’t know if I should say a prayer to it or something. But if you have a burgeoning Bill Gates in your midst, wow him or her with your unbelievable coolness. Keep in mind to score a tour of the actual collider plan a few months ahead. ┬áVisit CERN CERN Universe of Particles Exhibit Next computer that housed world wide web CERN

Temporary Tattoo that Will Keep your Kids Safe

When I worked for Disney someone sent me these to try out on my daughter. She was about three. They were fantastic. It’s a little tattoo with a pen and you write in a phone number. So it’s like adding a little “if lost please return to” tag like you put in your wallet or book. Now you can do it for your kid. Brilliant. And they’re fun. Only problem is if you lose the pen. Check it out. ┬áHere’s the website.

child safety tattoo